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Report Creation

It allows the user to generate the reports almost on one-click. 360 transcribe analyses the test that is conducted and brings

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Template Creation

It provides a wide range of libraries of templates based on the best practices that enable you to create reports that are consistent and high-quality.

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Signature Creation

It fulfills all your mandatory requirements. All the stakeholders involved in patient care require the reports to be signed by the radiologist.

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Image Insertion

It allows its users to produce rich documents. The radiologist can provide a rich content report to the physicians

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Your Top Choice For Expert Transcribe Services

360 Transcribe is a top choice for experts because of the improved usability, administration, and security that it provides.




Smart Auto Texts

It can embed Enhanced Auto Texts within fields or picklist choices and link it to other fields. This helps in expediting the report completion with content that is thorough, compliant and accurate.   




Process optimization

 It Optimizes the performance, it reduces the turnaround time and improves accuracy with the support of voice recognition technology.


Cost efficient

It is efficient for all the stakeholders involved. Being a clod based service, it doesn’t require production of report on physical media. Separate efforts for communication are not required. Primarily, the job of transcriber becomes faster requiring lesser deployment.



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Why 360?

360 Transcribe provides you with the most effective and efficient features in the health care industry. It speeds up workflows to improve productivity, reduces manual data entry and enhances collaboration.

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360 Specialities

360 Transcribe provides an unbeatable accuracy of up to 99%. More accuracy means less editing and less manual working. It helps you in producing accurate and comprehensive reports through supportive templates.

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 360 Transcribe accommodates your individualized preferences. Our system provided unparalleled productivity and flexibility. You can edit or add an image or a signature in the report. 

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360 Transcribe captures data that can be configured. The tools allow you to capture information, streamline the workflows and improve accuracy. You can even add your templates for any report

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